Love and The Wire

When I first started watching the The Wire it was very difficult to pay attention to it. I found it hard to watch because it’s not a fast paced show; it’s a lot of small details that you need to focus on to understand all the characters and their motives. With that being said around episode four it got easier for me to understand what was going on and being said. So now I’m a little more interested in plot and the characters themselves. One major thing from this show that sticks out to me is how they integrate homosexuality into their characters.

The first character that we are introduced to is Detective Kima Greggs, an African-
American lesbian who is sent to work with this drug unit.

kima and gf.png

Kima Greggs and girlfriend Cheryl

She is a tough, smart, hard-working officer who is quite frankly a bad-ass. She decides early on to come out to the men in her unit, so that she can avoid any of the awkward advances that she anticipates from her male coworkers. These men instead of making jokes about her being a woman or being a lesbian respect her and know that her work in the unit is invaluable. At work she’s seen as being one of the guys. Off duty we see her more compassionate and valuable side with her partner Cheryl. As the audience we get to see how these two encourage each other and push each other to accomplish the goals they have set out.


Omar Little and boyfriend Brandon.

The second character that we meet is Omar Little. Omar is a man of the streets that even if they want him dead, they respect him. He has his signature facial scar, shot gun, and when they hear him whistling “The Farmer in the Dell” they all run away. Omar is an openly gay African-American man who is seen to be very affectionate with his partner, Brandon. When it comes to Omar and Brandon’s relationship there seems to be more judgment by their respective peers. The Barksdale Organization had a few choice words that they called him after they robbed the stash house. Unfortunately by episode six Brandon had been tortured and then killed for not giving up Omar’s location. Watching Omar identify his body definitely shows you how much he cared for him and how upset he truly was by it. Even Brandon’s last act of defiance was an act of love for Omar not giving up his location. Their relationship on the show was short but it made a strong impact on viewers.

I think that the opinioness said it best when she described these characters and how they added to the show. These characters give this show an added depth and understanding that I think was needed at this time. Now on tv homosexual couples are more common and adored by fans. But for The Wire they made a statement that breaks stereotypes of sexuality, gender, and race with just these two characters.

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5 Responses to Love and The Wire

  1. jpchown says:

    The opinioness is an interesting read. I think you would be much stronger if you led with a reaction to her blog, more detailed description of what she said, and skip the present opening where you complain about not being able to understand the first few episodes. We want to read about your strengths, not your weaknesses. Good description of the situation with Brandon.


  2. Emma Hajny says:

    The article you attached to your post was perfect for your topic this week. I thought it tied together your opinions on Kima and Omar very well and was a nice ending for your argument. I also really like the placement of your graphics. It really helped the flow of your blog and made it easier to read.


  3. I agree at the beginning I wasn’t really feeling the show but it has my attention now. Kima and Omar are my favorite characters on the show. I think them being so open about homosexuality is interesting as well. It adds depth as you said and a different element to the show. It’s unexpected especially when your talking about drug dealers. It works well and adds an extra touch to the show


  4. Joe Dombek says:

    One thing I’ve found that helps if you are having trouble is to just watch the show and find out what happens. Then go back and watch it again you will see things that you missed and be able to pick up on things that seemed insignificant upon first glance. I also agree that these characters being openly gay is an interesting plot line. Even more than that I find it interesting that they don’t make a big deal out of them being gay. Often when shows do this it is a huge reveal and then another character or two have a problem with their friend or colleague coming out and it creates all this drama. In this however the writers don’t result to this cliche and it is a refreshing change of pace.


  5. I like how you focused on the intimate relationships in the show, it’s not something a lot of people have talked about; especially because they are homosexual couples, who at the time weren’t really on television.


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